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Congratulations to All OYM Scholarship Recipients!!!


Scholarship Recipient: Debbie Grisales, Grade 9 

Scholarship for $500 on behalf of HOLA – The Hispanic Ontario Lawyers Association

Debbie Grisales - Scholarship Recipient 2015-2016

I would like to nominate Debbie Grisales Moreno (grade 9) for a scholarship. It is clear to me that Debbie has the drive, determination, and intelligence to excel in whatever career she chooses moving forward. I am confident she will be able to attend the university of her choice. During our first session, we discussed the pros and cons of different universities in Ontario. I think it is excellent that she is thinking about university so early; she clearly has longterm goals. 

 During our tutoring sessions, Debbie not only wants to do assigned homework, but additional practice questions from the textbook to prepare for tests and quizzes. I commend her for her outstanding work ethic. I think we will see great things from her.

Scholarship Recipient: Ana Marques Guerrido, Grade 8 

Scholarship for $500 and is on behalf of Antonio Azevedo of Azevedo -Nelson Law Firm

Ana Marques Guerrido - Scholarship Recipient 2015-2016

 During our first year working together, Ana has shown to be a very mature student who takes great responsibility for her academic progress, always being hard-working during our sessions and dedicated to improve in the subject areas that are difficult for her, Language Arts and Math.  Although she is only in Gr. 8, Ana is very self-motivated in her drive to succeed academically, as she hopes to attend post-secondary education in the future to become a medical doctor and work at SickKids Hospital.  Even to her 19 year-old tutor, who is in second-year university, her perseverance and work ethic are very humbling.
But most of all while talking with her during breaks, it was evident to me what a humorous and compassionate person Ana is.
This wonderful, caring young woman will be entering high school in the coming fall and I believe she deserves to be recognized for her great work this year in the OYM Program.  For Ana, receiving an OYM scholarship would mean recognition for her hard work, but also, it would greatly inspire hope and confidence in her road to university. Thank you.”

 Scholarship Recipient: Kevin Medeiros, Grade 11

Scholarship for $500 and is on behalf of Antonio Azevedo of Azevedo -Nelson Law Firm

Kevin Medeiros - Scholarship Recipient 2015-2016

I am very proud to present Kevin with this deserving award. I have enjoyed tutoring Kevin and am happy to be able to provide this recommendation. Kevin has attended his sessions regularly with great enthusiasm. He took initiative to help the other student with whom he shared his tutoring sessions. He has made great efforts to learn during the sessions and he always completed any extra activities that I assigned him. Although he is still struggling with English, his marks have improved and he is making an effort to read more. He is very organized and show responsibility by always completing his assignments. Receiving this scholarship will provide not only financial support, but it will boost his confidence to pursue future studies.

Scholarship Recipient: Carlos Rosas, Grade 6

Scholarship is for $500 and is our Tutor’s Choice Award.   For our 15th year we wanted to do something special and we asked our volunteer Tutors & Site Supervisors to donate to a Tutors Choice Award, so this scholarship comes directly from our valued volunteers! 

Carlos Rosas - Scholarship Recipient 2015-2016

I have been working with Carlos for the past 2 years. He is a very smart and creative kid, passionate about videos games, and he loves stories. He can write good stories when asked. However, Carlos’s biggest challenge has been his spelling. As we have been working on it, I can see that Carlos is trying very hard to improve. 

With this award, I would like to encourage Carlos and let him know that he can overcome that challenge and reach high potential, and later attend a good college or university. 

OYM Graduation and Speeches!!!


On Your Mark celebrated its 15th year at our annual End of Year Graduation Ceremony on May 28th 2016.  At this special celebration we honoured our students, volunteers and parents, who have helped make our program a successful one.

Katherine Chassi

Katherine Chassi.  Katherine’s daughter Cassandra is an OYM student in grade 6 and joined the program in grade 3.


I’d like to thank you both and your organization for the support we both have been receiving.

My daughter (Cassandra Chassi) who is half Spanish and half Portuguese has been taking tutoring sessions for a few years now.

During this time she was diagnosed with a learning disability.

My daughter was very quiet and shy.

Barely had any friends in school.

And her report cards were stating that she was barely passing and didn’t know how to read or write.

But she always had a willingness to learn.

As a single parent with little to no help raising her, it has been a struggle.  With house chores, time management, money, work and health issues due to my 16 years as a flight attendant it seemed overwhelming.

With myself barely passing high school when I was younger I could not help my daughter out with her homework and learning lessons from school.

Being introduced to working women by my daughters school in particular the “On your mark” program I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

“On your mark” gave my daughter not only a tutor to help her out every Saturday with her homework and her practice for reading and writing but with these tutors there was a connection, a bond that gave my daughter confidence and support.

These tutors made homework fun and made it okay to not always be right with the answers but to keep trying until you understood the format.

Within these last years my daughter has made a lot friends both at the “on your mark” program and her school. She even joined the volleyball team and she became a big part of the team to win there division.

She has been improving every year both mentally and socially and even her teachers has seen an improvement throughout the years. They noticed her lifting her hand up to answer questions and has become more organized with school work.

She has even shown interest and stated that she would like to one day become a veterinarian.

Although she still has a long way to go with her learning disability she has turned her disadvantage into an advantage.

Without your support and dedication we would not be were we are today. You have given both my daughter and myself hope for her future.

Although this will be her last year coming to this program due to moving out of location we will not forget what you have done for us and what this program has meant.

Thank you for giving her hope,


Isabel Montoya

Isabel Montoya.  Isabel’s son Carlos is in grade 6 and joined the program in grade 3.


My name is Isabel Moya. I would like to take this opportunity to first, share my journey with you and secondly, to thank all the countless volunteers who went beyond the call of duty to not only help me understand the education system in Ontario as a landed immigrant, but the effort put forth to teach and motivate my son, who struggled since grade two to a point where he almost at grade level, which for him is grade six.

When I came to Canada, I found myself swimming blindly in the Canadian education system so different from my home country. Frankly I was trying to teach him a language that I could not speak or write myself. When he was on second grade I was approach by the teacher, my son was not doing so great. I felt like a failure as a mother. My son’s teacher pointed me to. “On your Mark”.

From my first introduction into the program I became aware of the education system and more importantly how I can teach my son on a level that we BOTH understand. On the Mark provided the tools, volunteers and materials that we needed to achieve our success. The volunteers went far beyond my expectations and I am so grateful to them for my son’s great success.

I can’t express the importance of education for our little ones. To see the “light bulb” go on when they understand the topic is as a mother, such a wonderful experience, now feel my son has a strong chance in life to be a productive member of this great society we live in.

The unfortunate aspect of all of this is the lack of funding the program receives. After all, educating our children will enable our country to continue to be a leader in the world stage.

More funding will allow more children to become educated and inspired. To all the volunteers, to continue to be instrumental in the development of our children. The quality of our life, and the happiness of our family is now a daily routine in which we treasure. All this to say, Thank you “On Your Mark” for caring, teaching and understanding.

On behalf of my son Carlos and myself, we will be forever in deb to you in allowing us to achieve our goals. Thank you.


Thank You Folly Brewpub for Your Generous Support to WWCC!!!


Folly Brewpub News Release FollyBrewpubBechdelBrettNewsRelease


Folly Brewpub Announces Funds Raised

Nearly $500 raised for the Working Women Community Centre

Toronto – 20 June 2016 – Brewer Christina Coady and the team at Folly Brewpub are excited to announce that sales from their spring collaborative beer raised $485 in draught and bottle sales.  The Bechdel Brett, a unique collaboration brewed with over twenty women to celebrate  International Women’s Day (March 8) and International Women’s Collaborative Brew Day (March 8) had a limited (168) bottle release, and the remaining beer was sold onsite at Folly Brewpub.

The collaboration was spurred from support for Coady writing a blog about the inherent sexism in the brewing community (What We Don’t Like Talking About), and the desire to not only create an all-female brewed beer but also raise awareness about the Working Women Community Centre (  This centre helps female newcomers adjust to life in Toronto, with a holistic and community-oriented mindset.

The Centre will receive the results of Folly’s fundraising efforts this week. Coady is already planning next year’s collaborative beer, and will be sure to post details on the Folly blog as they become available.

About Folly Brewpub

Folly Brewpub features farmhouse inspired beers, specifically saisons and farmhouse ales, while providing ‘comfort food’ dishes and a relaxed, social atmosphere. Their focus is on local in both food and beverage, working with Ontario suppliers wherever possible. Folly Brewpub also assumes the honour of being (unofficially) the largest ‘pouring’ whisky bar in Toronto, with 430 unique bottles on their wall.

Press enquiries:

Michelle Genttner tel: 416-533-7272


Words of Gratitude for Help Received by a Portuguese Speaking Client

Toronto/On, 2 de Maio de 2016.

Prezada Marcie Pontes 

 Meu nome Maristela Lunkes, sou brasileira. escrevo esta carta em lingua portuguesa, pois nao domino o idioma English. Gostaria de compartilhar e fazer um agradecimento especial as colaboradores do Working Women do office da Av Gladstone.  As colaboradores Anabela e Roberta Tocci, com quem tive um contato direto onde iniciei e finalizei meu processo de Residente Permanente. Sempre atenciosas e comprometida com o trabalho. Acredito que se pudesse compartilhar o elogio as colaboradoras, pois no correria do dia-a-dia talvez nao elas nao percebam a real importancia no desempenho de suas funcoes e no tratos com as pessoas. Seria uma maneira de reconhecimento.

 Quero fazer um agradecimento a Nira Nelgueta – coordenadora do curso de ingles, mas especifico ao programa WALK TALK, onde participei por um determinado periodo e em aula de conversacao.  

 Tambem gostaria de ressaltar  que a WORKING WOMEN tem papel fundamental na vida da mulheres imigrantes sobre a prestacao de seus servicos na comunidade .

 Muito obrigada !

 Maristela Lunkes

WWCC’s Young Patrons Council Presents

Women Who Make a Difference Event
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WWCC’s Young Patrons Council
An Evening with Ratna Omidvar

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
$20 per ticket
George Brown College Waterfront Campus
Main Floor, South East Foyer
51 Dockside Drive, Toronto


Join us for this exclusive engagement with Ratna Omidvar, Executive Director of Global Diversity Exchange, and Chair of Lifeline Syria as she shares her personal story of displacement and lifelong commitment to inclusion and citizen engagement. Learn how one of the Top 10 Diversity Champions worldwide has forged her own path inspiring countless others like her to do the same.


6:00 Doors open & refreshments
6:45 Ratna Omidvar’s address
7:30 Mix & mingle


For over 45 years Working Women Community Centre has helped thousands of immigrant women and their families to realize their potential and be fully engaged participants in Toronto’s business, civic and cultural communities. Offering a variety of much needed services, the Centre’s proven success record has established its reputation as a leader among Toronto settlement organizations.

Venue Access:
Via TTC: Take Bay St #6 Bus to Dockside Drive at Queens Quay East.
Paid parking is available onsite.
Wheelchair accessible.


Buy Now


This special event is exclusive to friends of Working Women’s Young Patrons Council and made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors:







Español abajo

LATINX PARENTS FOR CHANGE: “Beyond Understanding the Education System” is a collaborative initiative of Working Women Community Centre (WWCC), the Mennonite New Life Centre (MNLC) and the Latin American Education Network  (LAEN).

Parents from Latin American are positively driven  to participation in the school system as a vehicle to support and enhance their children’s education. However, numerous barriers continue to exist in realizing the full potential of this kind of civic engagement. These barriers are multiple and complex; over the next three years (2016-2019) LatinX Project will increase opportunities for parents with elementary school children to widen their understanding of educational systems and their level of engagement within the schools.

To this end, we are inviting parents of elementary school children from Latin America to be part of the community assessment we are developing as a first phase of the project by joining one of the following focus groups:

March 1 * 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Ephraim’s Community Centre

1875 Sheppard Av. West M3L 1Y6


March 16 * 6:00-8:00 pm

Mennonite New Life Centre

2737 Keele St M3M 2E9


March 23 * 6:00 pm -8:00 pm

Downsview Public Library

2793 Keel St. M3M 2G3


TTC tokens and refreshments will be provided and childminding will be available upon request.

To register: please call (647) 894-0239 or email :

For more information about our collaboration:

DIANA GRIMALDOS              

ADRIANA SALAZAR               


LatinX Padres & Madres por el Cambio.  “Mas Allá de Entender el Sistema Escolar

Tienes hijos/hijos en la escuela primaria, eres de Latinoamérica y te interesa comparte tu experiencia como padre/madre en el sistema escolar.

Te invitamos a que compartas tu experiencia y nos apoyes en la construcción de un diagnostico comunitario.

Asiste a 1 de 3 grupos focales:

Marzo 1 * 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Ephraim’s Community Centre

1875 Sheppard Av. West M3L 1Y6


Marzo 16 * 6:00-8:00 pm

Mennonite New Life Centre

2737 Keele St M3M 2E9


Marzo 23 * 6:00 pm -8:00 pm

Downsview Public Library

2793 Keel St. M3M 2G3

Se proveerá TTC Tokens y refrigerios. Cuidado de niños, si se solicita con anticipación.

Este proyecto es realizado en convenio con Working Women Community Centre (WWCC),  el Mennonite New Life Centre (MNLC) y   Latin American Education Network  (LAEN).

Para mayor información y registro llama al (647) 894-0239 or email :

Para obtener mas información sobre el proyecto:

DIANA GRIMALDOS              

ADRIANA SALAZAR               





Andreia Neves, On Your Mark Volunteer Tutor



Andreia Neves is an On Your Mark Volunteer Tutor and also a former student.  Andreia participated in the program as a student from Grade 5 to 12 every Saturday morning.  She decided to return to the program as a  Tutor and she is currently studying at the University of Toronto.

Please, see link below: