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Success story of Dian Safitri Ayundari

Hub Success Story

My name is Dian Safitri Ayundari (that’s me above, 2nd from the right). I moved to Canada in May 2012 from my home country of Indonesia. I came to Canada in hopes of finding a good job and to settle down with my new family in Canada. It was very hard for me to find employment here due to my lack of experience. I am a resident of Victoria Village and my husband told me about Victoria Park Hub and all its amazing programs and also the volunteer opportunities that they have. I decided to go to the Hub to find out more information. I was so excited to find out that they have many programs that meet my needs. I love cooking so I joined the cooking class, which is held on Thursdays, there I met a lot of residents in the community and learned a variety of delicious new recipes from all over the world.  Someone told me about the English Conversation Classes they have on Thursday evenings, so I decided to go. I am very happy I joined this program because I got to meet a lot of new people and learn more about Canadian culture. One of the staff told me about the volunteer opportunities here at Victoria Park Hub, so I decided to volunteer my time as an Administrative Assistant. I learned a lot of administrative and communication skills that I could use in the job field. Now, I am happy to say that I have a job as an Administrative Assistant and I want to thank the Victoria Park Hub for all their support and services to help me get where I am today. Special thanks to Kala and Luanne, who always supported me. I am very grateful that now I have an amazing family, a great job, good friends and so much more confidence to move forward.

We held a fundraising event at my workplace and decided to donate the proceeds to a non-profit organization. I was glad to contribute all the proceeds to Victoria Park Hub.

Maha’s Success Story


I came to Canada on January 2012. Initially, I was very excited to come here, but finding a job here was a little difficult for me. I did not have any Canadian education or work experience so I wasn’t able to find a job. When I was able to browse the website and found the Hub, and I wanted to find out what this place was all about, I’m very grateful to the Hub for letting me do volunteer job. With the support from my very kind supervisor, I hope to gain more knowledge and experience in the field. So far, the Hub has taught me how to do admin work, facilitate programs, conduct outreach and work with different diverse groups etc. The staff and the other volunteer and placement students here are also helpful and friendly. I also enjoy working with others which help me to improve my English language skills, and I hope I will be able to find a job soon.

Thanks so much to the Victoria Park Hub.

SUCCESS STORY – Vincy Varghese


When I and my husband migrated from India to Canada, we had no friends or family here. I was a Lecturer in Psychiatric Nursing back home and was eager to get a job in the community health sector anywhere in Toronto. While my neighbours and some of my friends insisted me to do PSW course but I was not very happy to pursue the course which I had no experience and I began to lose my self-confidence and became bored and disappointed while sitting in the home. Later I ended up in couple of odd jobs in warehouse and restaurants but that was not enough for me and my better half to meet the ends. It was truly dark time for us. Then I was connected to Working Women Community Center at Victoria Park Hub by CSAGSS (Canadian South Asian Growth & Support Services). Here I take Computer classes for seniors, Homework club which is very interesting as it relates to my profession. I find the staff and volunteers here in Hub very good and helpful. This a great place for new comers like us to come and begin a new journey.
I feel that volunteer experience can help an individual to recognise a career route and allow to stay positive about their future.

Success Story for the Month

I am Krishnamurthy Makesh landed in Canada on 02-July-2013. I was successful in my profession in India, will lot of hopes I have landed in my dream country Canada.

When I started my job hunt, I couldn’t find a job due to so called “Canadian Experience”. The first few weeks I went under ‘Depression’, without finding the job.

Want to find the reason and started making friends and come to know the Hub, Woodgreen, Golden mile Employment offices the staff and the team mates helped me to regain my professionalism. Being involved in various programs in the hub, gave me a better exposure to the diverse culture and Canadian culture.

I was able to be of support by using my expertise in statistic reports and analysis report I found this place is very good for new comer and provides lot of information on the Culture and Canadian system.

After a while I was able to network with other organizations in regards to find a career path, to attend employment workshops at ‘ACCESS community centre. I am attending the newcomer information (O2O) workshop at the Victoria Park Hub. I got the opportunity to attend an interview with Scotia Bank, and hoping to get a good to response soon.

Updated news, he did get the Job, and is supporting the Hub with training new students for the Statistics report.

Martin Kuriyan’s Success Story

My name is Martin Kuriyan. I am 16 years of age and I’m going to Gr. 12. I immigrated to Canada in August 2009. When I arrived at the airport, what I witnessed around me was way different than what I had imagined. The weather was very interesting here went it gets to November and December you start to see snow which I had never seen before. I have been in Canada for a total of 5 years and just last year I became a Canadian citizen. Canada is wonderful because it’s multicultural, provides a lot of free services/programs for newcomers, and offers a lot of job benefits. For example this summer I’m volunteering at the Victoria Park Hub which was recommended by my mom. The staff and volunteers and other community members are very kind, helpful and caring towards me. I have learned different skills like outreach, reception, gardening, support programs and which are skills that will be beneficial to me in the future. I think this summer is the best summer I ever had.

Success Story of Lily Li who was our LINC student

2014 success story fairview 


Lily, our old LINC student is now coming in to volunteer for Chatting Hour, she is now a Real Estate Agent and Lucy Fitzpatrick , Manager of LINC asked her to write a biography of herself for one of our success story. Here it is:

Lily Li is a good example for all immigrants, she came Canada at 2006, studies English at Fairview Linc school since she came, she feels Linc school is a great place to go for a new immigrant, it is not just for learning English. also for how to live better in Canada. She participated a lot of activites, volenteering for singing and chatting group, attended yoga, dancing classes during Linc class period.She was very motivated to get Seneca College diploma of Business Administration Management after that. Finally, she has found the best field career for herself and has been doing successfully-become a Real Estate agent, now she is so happy for living in Canada. She has worked diligently with a great positive attitude. She had been done a lot actives and put such great afford on building a life better and inspire new immigrants, and try to help people in any possible way!

Success Story of Jane Calderaro



How she got connected to the Hub?

What was the challenge to get to the Hub?

How has the class helped?


The way I got connected and hearing about the Gentle yoga at the Hub, was by entering the Golden Mile super center. I went to the chiropractor seeking help for my husband, as I was waiting in the office I came upon a flyer that was displayed in their office. Although the flyer did not have the number, the receptionist gave it to me and I later phoned to register. The process of registering was very easy and quick. The challenges that I experienced at the beginning was finding time because of the winter month of February, I stayed at home alone feeling depressed and a little frustrated and angry. The second challenge at the beginning was the distance, having to assist my husband to the chiropractor as well. But to my surprise I was very happy to find out that the Hub was right around the corner for the Golden Mile, this was very convenient for me. The gentle yoga class has helped me in so many ways, one of them was mingling with new people, by having new friendships I don’t feel lonely anymore and have gone to the Ontario Science Center with them. Second would be the pain on my back and the arthritis in my hands have been less painful, the gentled yoga has taken a lot of the pain away. And the third would be Martha’s breathing techniques have helped me with my stress, calms my mind and I feel less angry. I love the breathing techniques because now I don’t feel depressed but happ