September 2017 Newsletter

Introducing a WWCC-wide Newsletter

Read our Executive Director’s message about why education is important to WWCC and what to expect to see in our first issue of The Contributor. To subscribe to our newsletter, click here.

Impressive debut for the Career Pathways Project 

Find out how a certificate from the Career Pathways Project opens the door to post-secondary education and employment training programs.

Investing in Parents & Kids

Learn how we’re investing in student success and parent engagement through our Education programs.

The Parent Advocate

We give you our best tips for getting involved in your child’s school.

Celebrating Our Grads

Kids weren’t the only ones who graduated this year. We celebrated the achievements of Moms too!

Are You a Game Changer?

Think you’re ready to make a difference that has lasting impact? We need you!

News & Events

Check out our preview of what’s coming up and the latest news at WWCC.