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Victoria Village Action for Neighbourhood Change (ANC)

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Action for Neighborhood Change (ANC) is a community development strategy across the City of Toronto. We work with local residents to identify shared priorities, and plan collective actions to support positive change.  Stemming from our core belief that real change comes from people who live here, Victoria Village ANC works by “in-sourcing” talents, skills and assets in the community to support a range of different community groups. ANC is a creative and collaborative space for incubating community-driven initiatives, including our innovative youth-led model! By bringing neighbors together, the community creates an agenda of shared priorities, and develops an action plan for building positive change.

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At Victoria Park Hub, our focus is on delivering programs and services through Working Women Community Centre, anchor partner agencies based out of the Victoria Park Hub, as well as community partner agencies. Working in a neighborhood with high immigrant density, our students have an opportunity to work with residents through a community development/engagement model. Second year students may be streamed through the Action for Neighborhood Change (ANC) project while first year placement students apply for supporting the Hub.

Victoria Park Hub runs a range of activities designed to engage residents in its surrounding communities. Students interact with a diverse population through supporting programs such as our Cook & Learn kitchen, or Conversation Circle. Along with daily activities, students also have the chance to get involved with supporting outreach, community-building events, and to work with community partners in delivering topical workshops.

Joining the ANC team involves working together to build a resident voice in the community while working with residents, agencies and other community stakeholders to make Victoria Village an even better place to live. Victoria Village ANC supports a range of different community groups in building positive change. Our residents lead exciting projects from magical art therapy for newcomers, to youth turning it up at hip-hop open microphone nights. Using a transformative approach, students are requested to bring asset-based and reflexive practices which empower clients to be our community partners.

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For more information about United Way of Toronto’s Strong Neighbourhood strategy and the ANC model

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