Women’s Support Services

Counseling and support groups assist newcomer and immigrant women in dealing with issues of isolation from their extended families who remain in the home country, family problems related to adaptation to a new culture and family re-unification, domestic and family violence, unfamiliarity with Canadian institutions including schools, the legal system, health care as well as barriers to participating in civic activities.

Counselors work closely with women with a variety of techniques and provide responsive,culturally-sensitive and effective supportive counseling to help resolve conflicts, and problems with the focus on setting goals and problem solving. We provide short term action oriented counseling for women who are struggling with abuse. Counselors also run support groups to address a variety of issues, especially settlement and abuse. These support groups enable women to develop leadership skills through self-development and empowerment.

WWCC offers the following support groups for immigrant women:

Cook & Talk – This long-running group is held two times a year, with each session running for 12 weeks. Childcare is provided. Through cooking and talking, women have the opportunity to discuss various topics, make friends and break isolation.

Language Specific Women’s Groups run for 8-12 weeks for newcomer women trying to adapt to life in Canada, and establishing new networks while struggling with many difficulties often associated with settlement.  The groups focus on Settlement, Employment and Women’s Rights in Canada. Esteem building , Safety Planning, and generally cover topics identified by groups members.

There are specific group sessions for those who may be experiencing or trying to escape abusive relationships.  groups all have childcare capacity.

There are women’s Groups held in: Spanish,Farsi, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, and English.