On Your Mark Orientation Session (Section 1)


  • Program aims to start late October/early November
  • Once your child is matched with a tutor and we have a start date we will call you with the start date
  • Once you confirm the start date we will then MAIL you a Letter to Start with all of the details (tutor name, start date, time, and school)
  • Your child will be attending the tutoring sessions once a week, same time/same day/same tutor every week.
  • You will also be mailed a CANCELLATION LIST with all of the dates that there will be NO TUTORING during the school year (P.A. Days, Holidays).  Please be sure to place this list somewhere visible so you are aware of the dates, we will not be calling parents with a reminder.



  • Students work with the same tutor for the full school year, once a week, same day & time
  • Giving of their time, and paying their own way and travelling far distances every week
  • In order to respect this time commitment they make, please:


  • Make sure students are attending every week.  Please try to make dentist or dr. appointments on a day besides the tutoring day.
  • Student must bring their notebooks & textbooks to EVERY tutoring session with or without homework.  If the teacher does not allow them to bring their books home please let Sonia or Mireya know as we can contact the teacher to figure out another solution.  It is important the tutor has notebooks/textbooks so that they can see what your child is doing in class.
  • If you have any issues/concern with the tutoring sessions, the tutor, etc. please be sure to contact Sonia or Mireya directly. Ie. If the tutor is consistently late, missing sessions, etc.

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