Success Story of Lily Li who was our LINC student

2014 success story fairview 


Lily, our old LINC student is now coming in to volunteer for Chatting Hour, she is now a Real Estate Agent and Lucy Fitzpatrick , Manager of LINC asked her to write a biography of herself for one of our success story. Here it is:

Lily Li is a good example for all immigrants, she came Canada at 2006, studies English at Fairview Linc school since she came, she feels Linc school is a great place to go for a new immigrant, it is not just for learning English. also for how to live better in Canada. She participated a lot of activites, volenteering for singing and chatting group, attended yoga, dancing classes during Linc class period.She was very motivated to get Seneca College diploma of Business Administration Management after that. Finally, she has found the best field career for herself and has been doing successfully-become a Real Estate agent, now she is so happy for living in Canada. She has worked diligently with a great positive attitude. She had been done a lot actives and put such great afford on building a life better and inspire new immigrants, and try to help people in any possible way!