On Your Mark Orientation Session (Section 3)



We encourage parents and tutors to make efforts to meet and dialogue/communicate with each other before and/or after the tutoring session regarding the students’ challenges and successes.  If a parent/guardian is not able to communicate with their child’s tutor in person please do not hesitate to communicate with the Program Coordinator(s) as they can then pass on any information to the tutor on behalf of the parent.  Tutors are also encouraged to share progress with the Program Coordinators(s) to then be passed on to the parent/guardian(s) when unable to speak with the parent/guardian(s).

  • Please try to speak with the tutor before and after the tutoring session if possible.  Communicating with the tutor allows the tutor to become more familiar with your child’s areas of need and the tutor can then pass on information to you, the parent, that can better help you to help your child.
  • The tutor may ask you to speak with your child’s teacher to obtain more information about how to help your child.
  • You can speak with the teacher and remind them that your child is on the program.  A great help is if the teacher is able to provide you with information that you can then pass on to the tutor

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