On Your Mark Orientation Session (Section 5)


  • At least ONE parent must attend ONE Parent Workshop.  There will be various workshops offered from November to May.
  • The flyers with the Workshop Dates and topics will be mailed to parents once the program starts.
  • In order for the student to continue participating in the program the Workshop attendance to at least one workshop is mandatory.
  • The workshops will cover a variety of topics related to education.  Ie. “helping your child with homework”, “IEP’s”, High School Information”, “Communicating with your child’s teacher”, “Parent/Teacher Interviews”, “Understanding the Report Card”, etc.

Parent Survey

Please take a moment to answer a few questions to give us an idea of how we can best support you and your family:

Exit Quiz

Click HERE to take the exit quiz as confirmation that you attended an online orientation session.
Please write out your FULL NAME when it asks for it at the beginning of the quiz, so it can be matched to your registration form.
REMEMBER: You must print out the last page of the quiz to attach to your registration package!!